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Cybersecurity is a board level responsibility that requires the leadership and oversight of senior executives in any organization. This boardroom series has been designed to enable senior executives and board members gain an understanding of the necessary and critical tools for defending and securing the cyberspace of an organization. Regulatory requirements and compliance obligations enacted by law or international standards call for the urgent need for senior executives to be equipped in providing the leadership and capabilities essential for responding robustly and efficiently to emerging cyber risks, threats, and attacks. These threats may comprise the following: Ransomware, Espionage, Databreach, Privacy violations and Intellectual Property theft leading to reputational damage, breach of trust and significant financial losses. It is our goal at Intellas to provide our participating executives with board level tools critical to mitigating against such threats, risks, and attacks.

  • Date: 29/09/2000 12:00 AM - 29/09/2022 04:15 PM
  • Venue Airport City, Accra, Ghana (Map)


The Intellas Cybersecurity Boardroom series for senior executives and professionals of critical service and infrastructure-based organizations is designed to achieve the following objectives: 

•     Understanding the cyber risks, threats and vulnerabilities faced by critical service infrastructure and senior executives daily.

•     Introducing Board level Cybersecurity Essentials and Toolkit to senior executives.  

•     Developing and implementing strategies for mitigating risks, threats and vulnerabilities using a Cybersecurity toolkit.

•     Equipping senior executives to effectively oversee and lead the application of Security Compliance Framework in an organisation.    

•     Leading the operationalization of security response to a Cyber Attack


We believe this cybersecurity workshop will go a long way to significantly improve executive management’s understanding of the risks and threats experienced by their organizations and adopt effective strategies and tools mitigating against them. Be able to exploit the opportunities associated with the Cyber world.  

Participating executives would gain the knowhow necessary to optimize data as a tool in securing and protecting an organization’s digital assets. Apply emerging tools and strategies in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in advances of Cybersecurity.

Participants would receive E-books and Toolkit worth 450USD 

Certificate of Participation – CPD Points 

Who should attend?

•     Executive Management

•     Senior Executives

•     IT Directors/Heads of Sections/All ICT Officers 

•     Independent Board Members

•     Directors - All other Directors 

•     Compliance Officers

•     CIOs - Chief Information Officers

•     Management Information Systems/ICT Executives and Professionals

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We look forward to seeing you at the Workshop.