We secure your cyberspace by using not only established security strategies, methods, standards, policies and controls. We use artificial intelligence based applications to secure your cyberspace and protect your reputation and brand. Your cyberspace is a major asset that should not be only secured but also optimised for strategic use by giving you competitive advantage as a business.

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We investigate and preserve evidence related to cyber crimes in compliance with internationally recognised standards, regulatory frameworks and legal jurisdiction. We serve as expert witness in a court of law.

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We create intelligence for our customers for strategic use by extracting, cleaning , standardising, formatting and normalising data from all sources including web, internet and data shared on distributed corporate networks in formulating and implementing a digital transformation strategy in line with the goals of businesses. Our tools harness the power of predictive intelligence, security, analytics and forensics to support security analysts, data analysts, business users and executives in operational, sales, marketing supply chain and strategic business activities.

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We use natured inspired, computational intelligence and machine learning algorithms in solving complex cybersecurity, business and scientific problems. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) taxonomy, body of knowledge and subject matter expertise serves as a major strategic resource for our customers by enabling them to remain and gain competitive advantage in individual markets.

Brand Protection & Copyright Enforcement

We use our most advanced technologies to protect your Brand, Reputation and Digital Assets by ensuring the value of your IP(Intellectual Property) is maintained and exploited for future use.