Godfried Williams
Chief Executive Officer

Godfried Williams is the CEO of our team. He leads our organization with vision, passion, and dedication.

CEO of Intellas and IBM Business Partner in the United Kingdom. Leads strategy and service delivery for using artificial intelligence in the area of cyber security, digital forensics and big data analytics.  

Led the successful integration of KAIF an Artificial Intelligence software designed by Intellas with IBM QRADAR using Inter-Process Communication (IPC) strategies via Device Support Model (DSM)/Pipe an IBM custom middleware. This satisfied all basic requirements for enabling Intellas KAIF and IBM QRADAR to function as Software as a Service (SAAS). 

QRADAR-KAIF Integrated platform addresses the continuous increase of growth of data on the Internet, public databases and distributed mobile systems. The system handles and understands complex data set as well as making sense out of meaningless data. QRADAR/KAIF Digital, Security, Forensics, and Incidence Response Software Platform apply techniques capable of harnessing intelligent data analysis capabilities essential for digital security and forensic analysis for electronic crime attacks, investigation and case analysis. This could range from day to day network security breach, counter-terrorism surveillance on Internet, mobility based systems, online fraud, online masking for impersonation and digital evidence recovery, collection and forensic analysis.

The system uses a set of intelligent algorithms, methods and techniques deployed at operating system level of an ICT infrastructure to facilitate the discovery and recovery of digital evidence essential for digital security and forensic analysis.

Led delivery of training and services  for a number of organizations in the security and defence industry including Britain’s (MOD) Ministry of Defence under the auspices of DESG (Defence Engineering & Science Graduate) Scheme. Served as an external evaluator for BAE British Aerospace Applied Intelligence Systems Unit on Usability Testing on Cyber Systems. Managing  Editor of Cyber Security in Today World, a micro magazine that highlights contemporary and trending security matters globally. 

Editor in Chief of International Journal of RFID Security and Cryptography (IJRFIDSC) and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Chaotic Computing (IJCC).  

Served as a member of the Information Assurance Advisory and Skills Working Group for Incident Response and Forensics of CESG of the GCHQ and Reviewer for Professional Accreditation and Certification for Information Security and Assurance Professionals championed by the GCHQ.

Worked for the World Bank (IDA) as Senior Systems Analyst. Jointly led the Planning, Development and Management Information Systems Unit, handling the World Bank’s Highway Sector Investment Credit (IDA Credit 2858-GH). Worked for  United Nations (IFAD) as a DBASE Programmer. Managed the information systems for international disbursements for the USAID (United States Agency for International Development), European Union (EU), DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency), United Arab Emirates (UAE) whiles at AMISU (Accounting Management Information Systems Unit) of the World Bank.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Cyber Security, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Essex Online Computing & Business, visiting Scholar and Professor at the department of Computer Science University of Louisville, Kentucky for Information Security and Applied Computational Intelligence.  Held senior academic posts at the school of computing and technology, University of Gloucestershire and the University of East London, United Kingdom. Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA). 

Received his undergraduate, postgraduate/research/Doctoral and executive education and training at WANG Laboratories, East London Business School, City University London, Johnson School of Management - Cornell University and Harvard Business School.

Holds a D.Sc level citation from the Department of Computer Science University of Louisville  USA for contributions to Advances in Information Security & Applied Computational Intelligence 2005.

Author of the following Books:

1. The Cyber Citizen and Homeland Security. Freedom versus Fears 2017. AICE Foundation

2. Online Business Security Systems 2008. Springer-Verlag

3. Artificial Intelligence. Existing and Emerging Ideas 2008. Aardvark Global Publishing  

4. Synchronizing E-Security 2003. Volume 10 Advances in Information Security Series. Kluwer. Catalogued at the United States Congress Library.  

PhD supervised to Completion 

Markus Grube:  Enterprise Resource Planning 2018 – Director of Studies/Co-Supervisor,  University of Gloucestershire  


2014 -  Wissam Albukhanajer: Multi Objective Feature Extraction and Ensembles of Classifiers for Invariant Image Identification. Department of Mathematics  and Computer Science, University of Surrey. EPSRC partly funded project £89K  - co-sponsored by Intellas UK Ltd. 

2011 - Mohammed Shamou: Developing an optimum framework for lean six sigma for SMES for the manufacturing industry 2011. - Supervisor


2009 - Terry Hugh Walcott: Building Business Intelligence for SMES - 2009 – Director of Studies -UEL

Additional CITATIONS

1.     The Cambridge Blue Book 2006

2.     WHO'S WHO Historical Society 2005

3. GOLD Medal Award for Best Professional Graduate Worldwide - Institute for the Management of Information Systems United Kingdom - Highest Distinction in Managing Informatics 1993/4.


Enjoys playing percussion instruments and a big fun of Jazz music.