Samuel Mathey
Advisory Board

Samuel Mathey serves on the Advisory Board, providing expertise & guidance to help the team reach its goals.

Samuel Mathey is an international consultant and professor of economics and management, specialized on issues of entrepreneurship, debt and finance. 

Samuel holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Economics and an MBA from the University of Delaware and the Ohio State University in the USA. 

Samuel has worked with major consulting, auditing and accounting firms across the world (including Deloitte, KPMG and PwC) and for different governments and institutions (US government, World Bank, 

African Development Bank, UNIDO, UNFPA…)

He is a visiting professor with several institutions (HEC Paris, BEM Dakar, ECG…) in the United States, 

Europe and Africa. He is an experienced and seasoned trainer with several self-designed modules in productivity, entrepreneurship, economics and strategy (AFRICA 5.0, TRANSFORMATION TRACK…)

Samuel has published several books and scientific articles as well as father of a number of concepts 

(Zero Capital, Blind competences, value leadership…). He is contributor and expert on economics, entrepreneurship issues with several medias and magazines across the world (Africa 24 TV, Tycoon Magazine, CNBC, TV Algeria…).

Samuel is a Special Advisor to few head of states, government official and business tycoons and key influencer as the president of the State of African Diaspora, an umbrella organization of all African diaspora organizations across the world. He is in charge of promoting entrepreneurship, private sector with the African diaspora. 

Samuel has been the co-founder of several world initiatives among which: DELALI AWARDS (a New York based forum rewarding African Entrepreneurs in the Diaspora), STAM FORUM ( a forum on mobile apps, mobile phones and accessories geared toward the base of the pyramid), PAPA PAS À PAS (an initiative to train any father into fatherhood basics), INITIATIVE 35-3 ( a program to encourage entrepreneurship through tax breaks program for startups), GOUVBAROMETRE (a think tank on governance and notation system of governments)…

Samuel has recently been instrumental in the forging of the Ivorian national strategic development plan 2016 – 2020 / 2021 - 2025 as a coordinator for the private sector participation as well as the forging of the national SME development strategic plan. He has been a key adviser to the first Ivoirian minister of entrepreneurship and SME and was in charge of national entrepreneurship and SME policy and strategy. 

He co-organized the recent PanAfrican congress of Chartered Accountant with + 1,500 participants from +65 countries in three languages. 

Samuel is a serial entrepreneur with his recent two non-profits, AFFEED (African Foundation for 

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development) and AFRICAN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, advocate the cause of entrepreneurship in Africa and the concept of Zero Capital Entrepreneurs and platform to promote AI in Africa.